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Air Force COOL


Welcome to the AF Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (AF COOL) website! This important addition to the Air Force Virtual Education Center will help airmen navigate through the various civilian credentialing opportunities that are available for their control/duty AFSCs. AF COOL provides a one-stop for airmen to explore credentials recognized by the civilian community that can enhance airmen's current performance in their AF job as well help prepare for civilian employment. Please review all the tabs as each has important information for successful completion of an AFSC-related credential.

If you have any questions, please email CCAF.DEAO.AFCOOL@US.AF.MIL.


AF Voluntary Education

What is Credentialing?

Credentialing has two purposes. First, it continues to professionalize the enlisted force by providing up-to-date industry-recognized credentials in an airman’s AF job. Second, it provides a way for airmen to prepare for civilian life by ensuring that they are ready for work in the civilian sector. There are many aspects to credentialing including certifications and licenses. .

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