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Military Tuition Assistance


The Air Force Military Tuition Assistance (MilTA) program is an important quality of life program that provides tuition for college courses taken by active duty personnel during off-duty hours. MilTA is capped at $250 per semester hour (or $166 per quarter hour) and is restricted to a maximum of $4500 per fiscal year. The program is one of the most frequent reasons given for enlisting and re-enlisting in the Air Force.

General Rules

Air Force Military Tuition Assistance is authorized for active duty Airmen pursuing an educational goal. An education plan must be on file with the base education office. Military Tuition Assistance is authorized for college goals up to the master’s level. MilTA is not authorized for courses leading to a lateral or lower-level degree than already possessed. For additional information please contact your base education office.


  • TA will be provided for a CCAF degree regardless of your current education level.
  • Airmen apply for Military Tuition Assistance on-line via AFVEC during the school's registration period. Airmen may also call their base education office and discuss other options for applying when on TDY.
  • Airmen are expected to discuss their schedule with their supervisor to ensure that participation has his/her support.
  • After completing a tuition assistance request form and registering for class, Airmen may still drop/change courses without penalty as long as the course has not started and the base education office and the academic institution are notified. If Airmen drop a course after the drop / add period, they must still notify the base education office and the academic institution but are liable for the cost of tuition, unless they qualify for a waiver of tuition assistance reimbursement.
  • If an Airman receives a grade of incomplete from an academic institution, he/she must clear the incomplete or reimburse the government for the full amount of tuition assistance.

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